Bella Boo


12" Vinyl D

Studio Barnhus / BARN063

Front View : Bella Boo - SUPERVILLAIN - Studio Barnhus / BARN063
Back View : Bella Boo - SUPERVILLAIN - Studio Barnhus / BARN063

New 3-Track EP by London-based artist Bella Boo

The story of Bella Boo is not one of overnight success, though of course it might appear as such, if you haven’t been somewhat embedded in the wonderful and weird world of Swedish club culture over the last 12 years or so, in which case you will know her as one of the most eclectic, informed and hardworking DJs on the scene. It wasn’t until last year’s Studio Barnhus debut, the Fire EP, that the world finally started talking about Bella’s extraordinary production skills – the record’s fuzzy r&b harmonics and snappy analog drums prompted Pitchfork to declare it “the flat-out dreamiest thing to come from the label yet”. This was followed quickly by boyboy, a universally beloved track on last year’s Studio Barnhus Volym 1 compilation, in which she “[drizzled] bluesy sweet nothings over elliptical scrapes and squelches, suggesting Matthew Herbert remixing St Germain” (Pitchfork again). Supervillain is Bella’s first solo release of 2019, a perfect three-track thing that sees the currently London-based artist continue to expertly straddle the fence between enigmatic dreamlands and groove-locked dance floors. Artwork by Stockholm visual artist and long-time Bella colla-Boo-rator Alexandra Karpilovski. [info from Label]
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