Author & Punisher - BEASTLAND

Author & Punisher


12" Vinyl US

Relapse / rr73831

Front View : Author & Punisher - BEASTLAND (LP + MP3) - Relapse / rr73831
Back View : Author & Punisher - BEASTLAND (LP + MP3) - Relapse / rr73831

Industrial metal visionary AUTHOR & PUNISHER delivers his sixth full-length recording and Relapse debut Beastland. Drawing inspiration from his career as a mechanical engineer, Tristan Shone (the creator and sole artist behind AUTHOR & PUNISHER) forged a relationship with design, sound, and fabrication that ultimately yielded his hand-built “Drone Machines” which mapped the journey away from traditional instrumentation towards custom made -precision machinery.- A robotic experimentation in industrial metal, noise, doom and drone, AUTHOR & PUNISHER recalls Nine Inch Nails channeling Godflesh, traversing through dark, uncompromising, and often disturbing soundscapes with occasional detours into rich melodies and splinters of light. Armed with newly built “Drone Machines” and a new label, Beastland is AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s career-defining statement and a powerful listening experience that further blurs the line between man and machine. The vinyl release includes a download code.

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