Audition - INTRUDERS



12" Vinyl D

Audition / ADT01

Front View : Audition - INTRUDERS - Audition / ADT01
Back View : Audition - INTRUDERS - Audition / ADT01

Techno at its best! This first release sets the record straight by bringing 4 uncompromising tracks combining percussive rhythms with deep and spiritual synth lines that would be right at home in dark and moody clubs as well as in your late-night home listening session.

Having already recorded some memorable tracks exploring the atmospheric, delay and reverb heavy side of dub, things already became more club-orientated with its subsidiary project Dark Tape.

The purpose of Audition is to go a step further into these experiments by bringing a harder and faster edge to the music.

Using his favourite machines and effect processors, the idea is to build a wall of sound that can, at the same time, be very dark and rhythm driven or more meditative by bringing a deeper, more contemplative feeling to the music.
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