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Heavenly Recordings / HVNLP161 / 39225581

Front View : Audiobooks - NOW! (IN A MINUTE) (LP + MP3) - Heavenly Recordings / HVNLP161 / 39225581
Back View : Audiobooks - NOW! (IN A MINUTE) (LP + MP3) - Heavenly Recordings / HVNLP161 / 39225581

Heavenly brings us the debut album from Audiobooks. The vinyl release includes a download code.

On the face of it, Evangeline Ling – a 21-year-old art student and musician from Wimbledon – and David Wrench – one of the most in demand mixers and producers in modern music, a sometime cohort of Julian Cope and former denizen of North Wales – might seem an unlikely pairing. Yet a chance encounter at a mutual friend’s party just one week after David had moved south to the capital very quickly led to an experimental studio session that’s been going on ever since.
If the bracingly honest and often troubled words of Previn helped influence Evangeline’s stories, the music they’re set to comes from an entirely different place. Having developed a kind of psychic musical response to Evangeline’s surrealist texts, David set about soundtracking the weird worlds she was delivering on a daily basis. Much of the resulting music – at times odd, beautiful, unique, hilarious, disquieting, pensive, hypnotic, open, free – is collected together on Now! (in a minute) – the mind-bending follow up to the head-turning four track Gothenburg EP and the duo’s first full length album.

Like the band themselves, Now! (in a minute) doesn’t do the things that you’d expect. While opener ‘Mother Hen’ might be a modernist nursery rhyme sat atop skittering proggy electronics, the dual vocals on the tracks ‘Hot Salt’ and ‘Friends in the Bubble Bath’ perfectly channel the conflict and contradiction of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (The Human League) into something ultra-modern and almost ludicrously addictive. Elsewhere, the primal, gothic drone of ‘Womanly Blood’ sits like a brooding weather condition until it rips apart thanks to some heavy percussive artillery from Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa (the only other contributor to the record) and ‘Dance Your Life Away’ sounds like the soundtrack to the kind of inhibition free moon-light voodoo party that you wish your mates had invited you to at Glastonbury last year.

A band that takes its cues from the King of Pop and The Antichrist Super-star, creates music in daily automatic writing sessions and rides the neon ley lines that connect of the North Wales coast to the psycho-bustle of afterhours London are clearly on a very singular path to greatness – a path they’re already someway down, having taken their first footsteps out of the studio and onto the stage for a handful of truly mesmerizing live shows.

Time, then, to welcome these strange superheroes – this inhuman league – into your life. You might not know it yet but the story is already written. It says audiobooks are your new favourite band. [info from label]
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