12" Vinyl D

Corseque Records / CRSQ003

Front View : Ascorbite - INADEQUATE DEMEANOR - Corseque Records / CRSQ003
Back View : Ascorbite - INADEQUATE DEMEANOR - Corseque Records / CRSQ003

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The third release on Ascorbites own Corseque Records is not for the faint-hearted. Advance the flight and Inadequate Demeanor are clearly twins, delivered from the darkest corners of Ascorbite’s mind. The bold, pounding quality of the EP brings Adam X or Grovskopa to mind but Ascorbite has a dystopian touch that’s entirely his own. Advance the flight is like a battle track for an intergalactic armada being attacked by an infinite horde of swarming space ants. Inadequate Demeanor, on the other hand, is a grim steampunk fantasy of a black, shining locomotive plainly out of control, raging on red hot rails towards the end of the line. However, while both tracks are rough and unforgiving, Ascorbite manages to invigorate them by the use of subtle melancholic atmospheres – like rainy skies over a concrete desert. A balance between brutalism and vitality. A trademark of Ascorbite and Corseque Records.

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