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Ricco Label / RIC061

Front View : Anoice - GHOST IN THE CLOCKS (LP) - Ricco Label / RIC061
Back View : Anoice - GHOST IN THE CLOCKS (LP) - Ricco Label / RIC061

The 5th album from Toyko based instrumental group Anoice. The music one craves when picking yourself up.

It has been four years since Anoice’s 4th album, 'into the shadows’, the masterpiece of neoclassical, post-rock, and ambient music, featuring ’old lighthouse' which became the #1 trending track on Spotify as Japanese artists, and 'invasion’ which was used as the credit roll tune of 'Girl Lost', a US movie which was the #1 trending movie on Amazon Prime Video. An instrumental music band featuring a magnificent cinematic sound, Anoice will finally release their 5th studio album 'Ghost in the Clocks’, after releases from the members' solo projects, Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata, and side projects RiLF, Films, and Mizu Amane. It’s set to be a future classic.

On this album, Anoice express the world that follows 'The Black Rain', their highly-praised 3rd album, which was selected as one of the top albums of the year by many music review websites. This is a new dark cinematic masterpiece that is also Anoice's unique sound.

This album was created from passionate piano lines and a beautiful strings section formed by violin, viola, cello, and flute, and an energetic rhythm, but especially 'time' and 'heroes' have a powerful sound akin to a Hollywood soundtrack. Also, woven into the fabric of the album is beautiful chamber music with melodies that will echo through your minds, such as ‘missing’, a re-arranged version of a piece composed for 'Double Fantasy’, a Japanese TV drama series, and 'it' reminiscent of 'Liange' that is one of the tracks included in Anoice's 1st album ‘Remmings’, a popular song for Anoice fans. In addition, you can also feel a punk spirit of Anoice in a destructive rock tune ‘rebirth'.

Artist Yoko Shinto, who took charge of the artworks of Anoice's 3rd album 'The Black Rain', once again complimented the music with her wonderful illustrations. 'Ghost in the Clocks' will be released not only on CD (10 tracks) and digital (10 tracks) but also vinyl record (8 tracks), a first for the band, and will be distributed worldwide. You can also get an amount-limited postcard designed by Yoko Shinto and a sticker designed by Naoko Okada who is the illustrator for some releases from Anoice, Yuki Murata, and Films. [info sheet from distr.]
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