Alland Byallo - TRAGIC ACID

Alland Byallo



Bad Animal / BAD003

Front View : Alland Byallo - TRAGIC ACID (VAROSLAV, BASIC SOUL UNIT RMXS) - Bad Animal / BAD003
Back View : Alland Byallo - TRAGIC ACID (VAROSLAV, BASIC SOUL UNIT RMXS) - Bad Animal / BAD003

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Nr 1 in Martin Landsky DJ Top 10 (August 2012) ... Alland Byallo weaves together elements of disco, techno, deep house with flashes of Acid to form this unique hybrid record. Clearly a very personal record meant for the discerning DJs DJ, made by the Bad Animal label owner himself. As for who supports the record? Lets just say we dont drop names, we change the game.

Dope release! I like the original of 'As You're Told' the best!! - Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb-Unit)

A lot of good material on here...I think the standouts for me are the Lopez and Varoslav mixes. Thanks! - Konrad Black

Sick stuff. Alland is always on point. - Audiofly (Supernature)

Cool versatile release, fits with a lot of diff stuff - deep and dark, but warm… all solid, but faves are b-side 'As You're Told' orig and BSU remix, nice one! - Dave Aju (Circus Company)

Alland has one of the truest sounds. everyone always tries too hard to make music or copy someone else but alland just seems to do what he wants and as a result; good music that is his own and that is worth more than five listens. really cool stuff. Basic Soul Unit drops some science on the remix as well. two of my fave peeps to listen to/play. thumbs up from KW world. - Kris Wadsworth (Get Physical)

Byallo is a "producer's-producer". This is all such high-end stuff. - Deepchild (Trapez)

Nice one! - Âme

Great new one on Bad Animal. Big fan of Basic Soul Unit and this remix does the work, bring on the acid... Played the original before as well, to happy crowds! 5/5 - Agaric (Ovum)

Deep and lush thanks! - Gel Abril (Be As One)

Overall good EP. - Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour)

Great release. The original of "As You're Told" and both mixes of "Tragic Acid" are my favorites. - Marco Resmann (Upon You)

Love it. - Frank Martiniq (Curle)

I really like the original! It grows in a very mature way, there is no stress here, and that´s what we need. Less stress and more quality grooves. - Joel Alter (Sweatshop)

Huge EP from Byallo as always. Uncompromising music and each cut has it's time and place. Will be playing all of these at some time or another. Bad Animal! 5/5 - Safeword (Mobilee)

This is a strong EP right here. Thanks for sharing that, lots of good stuff. I will be playing it out. I like the Tragic Acid original mix a lot. - John Barera (Supply Records)

Tragic Acid is pretty cool! - Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair)

Nice mix by Basic Soul Unit here! - DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted House)

As You're Told (Basic Soul Unit Remix) is DOPE! - Master H (Komplex De Deep)

Nice sounds! - DJ Mag (Germany) [Feddbacks from Label]
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