Alland Byallo - GOT IT WRONG

Alland Byallo


12" Vinyl FR

Real Tone / RTR064

Front View : Alland Byallo - GOT IT WRONG (ALIX ALVAREZ REMIX) - Real Tone / RTR064
Back View : Alland Byallo - GOT IT WRONG (ALIX ALVAREZ REMIX) - Real Tone / RTR064

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Allez! Real Tone is back with another fresh new EP, full of deep flavours from two underground rebels. As always we are focused on the highest quality and the best music, regardless of genre, regardless of style and most definitely not concerned with the latest trends. Our man at the controls for this journey into the depths of electronic music is Alland Byallo, a Los Angeles-born producer who really hit his stride while living in San Franscisco. It was there where he became one of the team behind the west coast citys legendary Kontrol parties, along with Sammy D from Pillow Talk, Greg Bird, Nikola Baytala, and Craig Kuna. The seminal events gained all promoters worldwide notoriety and helped Alland to evolve his style. He is currently residing in Berlin where, of course, he has really found himself musically so consider this new EP a cocktail of West Coast USA meets Berlin. A product of Allands melting pot upbringing, yet oh-so-cohesive and built for dancefloor workouts, as proven by his outings on labels such as Liebe*Detail, Poker Flat, Dirt Crew and now Real Tone Records.

On Got It Wrong, Alland combines punchy beats with an infallible bassline, sturdy and energetic though not too imposing Allowing the other elements of the track to do their work. Subtle synths bashfully creep into the fray, join by jaunty whirrs which appear in the distance and a vocal that slowly but surely evolves, along with the track. Mesmerising twinkles dance around the bassline and the vocals reaching a crescendo, which pulls you into a faultless breakdown keeping you hungry for more before it delivers the ultimate understated drop. The track is over ten minutes, yet it feels like half that time, which is a credit to Alland's superlative production skills.

Deep house aficienado Alex Alvarez steps up for a remix and switches it up properly. Whereas Alland's original used its slow yet steady evolution to create an engaging groove, Alvarez injects some verve into the track with irresistable 4x4 beats, a repeated, spliced up vocal and a bassline that will have even the most uptight raver shaking their hips like there's no tomorrow. Says Alex, 'I figured I could add something really nice by chopping up the vocals and other parts and put some of my NY/LA Flavor in there. Wanted it to be a bit ruff and more tracky but still keep the coolness of Alland's original vibe. Just kept it simple and not over do it keeping the groove right in the pocket.' Too true!

So there you have it, two different versions of the same sublime, groovy number. Take your pick, but rest assured, you're

Selecting quality all the way. Another Real Tone classic in the making! [info from to]
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