Aeromaschine - FELDGRAU EP



12" Vinyl D

White Rabbit Music / WRM002

Front View : Aeromaschine - FELDGRAU EP (OLIVER DEUTSCHMANN / COSMIC COWBOYS RMXS) - White Rabbit Music / WRM002
Back View : Aeromaschine - FELDGRAU EP (OLIVER DEUTSCHMANN / COSMIC COWBOYS RMXS) - White Rabbit Music / WRM002

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Nice Price Deal !!! Supported by: Danny Howells, Timo Maas, Alexander Maier, Wagon Cookin, Jimpster, Roberto Rodriguez, Jonny Cruz, Oliver Klein, Axel Bartsch, Dairmount, Alland Byallo, Ed Davenport, Daso, Deepchild, Mihai Popoviciu, The Model, Simon Garcia & many more... We are really proud to announce our second release on White Rabbit Music. Long fellow and White Rabbit sympathizer Alin >Aeromaschine< Crihan delivered 2 briliant tracks which will go directly into your head and feets. He is one of the most upcoming talents from Romania. Tracks on Baalsaal and Poker Flat will follow. On the Remix Duty we asked Cosmic Cowboys and Oliver Deutschmann. Both did an amazing Job and transformed the originals into 2 different interpretations. Oliver Deutschmanns mix reminds to some groovey early 90s House while the Cosmic Cowboys remix move into the deeper fields and makes you go insane. But words are all in vain so have a listen and satisfy yourself. Cheers from The Rabbit hole.

Danny Howells - Great originals (especially Fawn!) And the remixes are killer too .. many thanks!!

Alexander Maier - great second release. really into "fawn". beside a woderful original i gonna prefer the cosmic cowboys remix. full support!

Timo Maas - macht Spass...! Nice & deep stuff....Feldgrau (Orig) ist mein Fav

Jimpster - Very nice release. really like the original of Feldgrau and Cosmic Cowboys mix. solid stuff.

Maurice Aymard - This is serious music, all about the orginal' and cosmic cowboys remix, damw good house music dope...

Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque) - I really enjoyed this EP, I'll be supporting on the show

Oliver Klein - very cool stuff. i like feldgrau.

Dairmount - Seduced by the vibe & charm of Fawn. will need to be tested very soon...

Ed Davenport - love the ravey originals. very playable and well produced. oli's remix is dirty! love it. thanks

Roberto Rodriguez - Absolutely loving Feldgrau! Fantastic tune! Great release all in all.

The Model - great originals, specially fawn, and the remix by oliver deutschmann rocking too. they fit well in my techno sets. fawn also has that big room as well as dreamy feel i look for in a track. thanks for the promo

Alland Byallo - All great tracks here! Impossible to pick a favorite. The label's off to a great start!
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