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Brill deep House with Chicago House & Acidhouse flavour... incl Rmxs by Chaim. Jeff K and Gwen Maze
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Having been seduced by the enigmatic sounds of David K ft Opium on R2P001, Varoslav's fledgling imprint has impressed from its first note. Rue de Plaisance has been established to allow the label chief the freedom to pursue sounds from the most experimental and eclectic to seriously funk-fuelled techno. With each release seeing an exclusive 300 vinyl press featuring unique and personal artwork, its hardly a surprise to find that attention detail and emotional attachment are also the most vital components of the label's music. R2P002 sees Varoslav taking the lead with possibly his most creative production to date, "100."The rawness of its opening beats finds Varoslav reaching back to the classic hip-hop influences of his early years. Its relaxed yet purposeful swing is accentuated by the wonderfully crisp percussive sounds, whilst its wistful vocal floats effortlessly throughout. if the original looks to an urban past, then the remix by Chaim transports us to the early days of House. So many classic elements are in evidence yet this is never dusty. Its electro bassline and blistering acid line are paired brilliantly whilst the drum-machines fire and the chopped vocal add a warm coating. Stunning!On the flip we are presented with our second original, "You." A beautifully deep trip that sees the innocence of its vocal swept along on a wave of pulsing synth bass. Warm and inviting yet with a subdued sinister undercurrent, "You" is absolute perfection. Finally, stepping up to create their vision of our lead cut "100" are the ever on point Jef K & Gwen Maze. Matching their straight up beats with scything synth stabs and having reworked the mighty bassline, we treated to 'sole' destroying groove
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