Various Artists - RAT LIFE 1

Various Artists


12" Vinyl NL


Front View : Various Artists - RAT LIFE 1 - Rat1
Back View : Various Artists - RAT LIFE 1 - Rat1

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Big Support by: Franck Roger, Jaques Renault, Axel Bomann, Joe Alter..

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"A lot of times we played places that got fear in 'em, where some fear went down. East germany, you know Dresden, places that aint particularly happy" - so Mad Mike said after playing post - cold war Dresden in the early 90ies. 20 years later the fear is gone, all the ruins got rebuild and the streets cleaned up. The hippies finished studying architecture, bought the squat houses and now complain about noise after 10pm. Everything is more colourful and save now, there are no more nails sticking out the jungle gym. But what happened to the dirty basements, the fucked up backyards and abandoned factories? The places we called our playgrounds? Of course! You say. Thats the way it goes! Stop crying, move on, get a wife and a job! Well some of us did not manage yet, and to those we want to dedicate Rat Life Records, reflecting the imperfect spirit of life in dirty raw dance music and its natural environment. Providing tools for a working DJs night out in the wilderness, sending your intoxicateded mind back to the dance floor of a smoke filled dungeon where the music is too loud to talk about your favorite genre, what format you prefer to play or how much your record collection is worth. So all you can do is listen, dance and get lost in the sound.


Paul du Lac: hell yeah

2562 (A Made Up Sound): yes, that's the spirit. definitely playing this.

Frank Roger: dope will play for sure in full effect disco action

Jaques Renault: this is dope! nice one :)

Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus): amazing release you guys!!!! thanks a lot - this will be some killer jams in my record bag!!!

Joe Alter: Lovet it! Just the name and the whole idea!!! Awesome tracks!!! Uncanny Ratleague Limited Orchestra... ;)

Red Rack’em: Fucking Massive!

Barnt (Commeme): Thanks! I want to be a rat!

Oliver Hafenbauer (LARJ): aweome record boys !

Koljah (Vidab): beautiful Promo Text - it truely touched me to say it in a dirty manner and really honest music - for very special ocassions gonna play it out at Golden Gate when the sun comes in dirty in the morning

Gilbert Cohen (Versatile Records): Super really good will play both for sure

Ali (Perc Trax): I love this, especially the first track, thanks so much

Tristan Jong (Ensemble Records): Lovely text guys :D All hail to the dirt!

Onetake (Nachtdigital, Leipzig Conne Island): Fette Buhde!!!!!

The Drifter (Permanent Vacation): great stuff, thanks guys! [txt from ]
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