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KRTNV 001 (2016 REPRESS)
Karton Music Group / KRTNV001

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In The Month June Of 2011. Karton Saw Its Gaily Arise And Nestled Itself In The Prism Of Deep Electronic Music People Nowadays Know As Deep House. Tech House And Other Minimalistic Still Unknown Sub-genres. Determined To Do It Right Instead Of Wrong. The Label Has Pursued Their Hunch In The On Going Quest Of Being A Cool. Fresh New Imprint. This Quest Has Made A Path For Karton. Which Has Made Them Hatch Music For Certain Styles Of Nightlife.
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Karton comes with their first vinyl record ever! An EP by various artists such as Scott Kemp, Randall M, Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev and Chad Andrew. All upcoming guys, and for this release they delivered. Scott is hitting it off with his super sweet track Oh Yea and Randall M keeps it going with his Duval, a straight groover. Then to keep things banging F. Costantini and A. Kyosev made something special. The track is called Delimited and is been rocking dancefloors all summer already. To close it off, Chad Andrew made a dark one that really slams it at the end of the night.
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