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La Vie En Rose / LVR03

Front View : USH - KEY OF LOVE - HOLD YOUTH RMX - La Vie En Rose / LVR03
Back View : USH - KEY OF LOVE - HOLD YOUTH RMX - La Vie En Rose / LVR03

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Terence: Terry’s record label La Vie En Rose gets set to re-release the huge hit >Key Of Love< for the third release on the label, also featuring a rework from U S H and a remix from Hold Youth aka Seuil and Le Loup.>Key Of Love< was released for the first time back in 2002 on the label D-NOTE by SLEAZE, which was made up of U S H and Greg. It graced the dance floors of all the best underground clubs from Ibiza (DC10) to Paris (Zebra) and it also featured on >Kwality<, the Ralph Lawson and Dan Ghenacia compilation, gaining further popularity. Limited copies were pressed so it quickly became a favourite for the vinyl collector.

The original title was inspired by a love of hardware with the track getting produced at a time when both artists were rebelling against the onslaught of computer software in the studio. Kicking off with a typical LinnDrum beat, the atmosphere is tinted with romance and driven by an emotionally charged bass line. The analogue textures and sounds reinforce the message of its creation but the shades of Glam Rock to Psyche Funk provide an edge. ‘Key Of Love’ certainly stands out in the electronic landscape.

First on the A-side is ‘Denim’ by U S H - influenced by soundtracks such as ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and ‘Le Pacha’. Taking on the same groove and melody of the original ‘Key Of Love’ U S H here delivers a whole new spin with a moody whistle, grumbling bass and added vocals making this really standout.

Flipping over to the B-side and Seuil and Le Loup aka Hold Youth step up for remix duty. Their individual approach showcases impressive production prowess with sharp kicks and a doubled up punchy groove, whilst allowing the original’s raw textures and analogue sounds to shine through. [txt from ]
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