12" Vinyl D
Figure / Figure79

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Popping up for the first time on Figure SPC Y. it was the remarkable synth-work of UBX127 that instantly struck a chord with the labels demand for substantial techno. Now the Stockholm artist proves himself loyal and hits back twofold with a pair of EPs that further highlight his mastery of both vivid modulation and effective sequencing. Leading into this batch of new tunes are the crafty and beautifully fleshed-out synth-arpeggios of opener Han. which UBX127 complements gracefully by adding tender touches of melody. A2 cut Create and Destroy displays a new side to the producer that verges on the manic. building upon a swirling theme that soon flies into a lunatic frenzy. Soothing then are the spacious sounds of Barabrus. a crisp piece of floating breakbeats and shoving sub-bass. Living up to its name. Swells starts as a bold synth-led groove and slowly grows into a romping beast that rebels against glistening sonic whiplashes. Even in its own right Constant Permutation Part 1 stands as a cohesive and compelling record that will add to any collection. But with its equally strong successor already waiting in the wings. it is Ubx127 himself who will make a lasting impression.
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