12" Vinyl D
Black Fox Music / bfm014

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On the release number 013 with the first Remix for the Blackfox crew. the catalogue number 014 completely devotes itself to the Belorussian DJ. producers and label owner Pasha joint. better known under the likeable alias Trockensaft. With nearly 30 releases in the back anything but unknown in the business!

With a thick, percussive groove frame the sound trip rolled out on 7:30 minutes starts. Slowly and steadily a slightly drunken melody pushes in the hypnotic sound events which are maneuvered movement Saxon between head and hip in an inimitably nice sloping situation which brands in the shimmering heat of a summer day full of pleasure on the open-air meadows declared to the dancefloor of this time in the feeling memory of every body fiber.
In the Remix of Toureau the small pieces-hypnotic momentof the original divided into a punching, straightened dance approach with a not to be denied Oldschool note. Then the vocal track brings finally the hymn factor during euphoria account and at the latest now there is also for the most
drunken hero of the night to no more holds!
The Zielscheiben Recordings Owner and Frankfurt master of the banging Elektro with affinity to deepen Techno tracks, Ziel 100, just plays those cards in its Remix completely: the rhythmical Backing and the melody curves are borrowed from the nicest moments by classical Elektro and just
the melodic Bassline brings that kind of depth in the track which evryone will love in deep Techno also in hundred years like nothing else in this world.
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