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United By This Ethos And A Love For Analogue Electronic Sounds. Genuine Artisans Triad Spent 2012 Ensconced In The Studio Further Shaping The Essence Of The Sonic Visions Theyd Already Shared With The World Into One Solid Statement Of Intangible Intent - An Aural Essay In Ong Play Format Entitled Utopia.
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Although drum & bass evolved from existing only really on dancefloors and into living and lounge rooms long ago, quality listening music with longevity and dancefloor cabability at the same time is almost impossible to find. Thankfully, there are a select few who still consider production a kraft, not commodity, and the making of music a passion that brings pleasure, not as werk. United by this ethos and a love for analogue electronic sounds, genuine artisans TRIAD spent 2012 ensconced in the studio further shaping the essence of the sonic visions they'd already shared with the world into one solid statement of intangible intent - an aural essay in long play format entitled UTOPIA.

Predominately denizens of the deeper end of drum & bass with a distinctive sound and audible pedigree in musical manipulation, Triad present Utopia as an open invitation into their world: a lush, alluring soundscape of warm bass, cosmic space, nuanced moods and articulate arrangements not actually limited to one genre.

A three track vinyl sampler including Kiss Me, Kill Me (feat. MC Kemo), Out of Scale and the EastColors remix of the title track Utopia will come along with both CD and digital download versions of the album in full length. Unique to the download bundle will be a special 'unplugged' version of Aftermath (off The Essence EP) with all parts played live as opposed to samples.
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