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Different / DIF1012CD

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Musical aesthete. superstar DJ. fashion icon and underground idol – Tiga is ready to refresh your palette with a sublime collection of tunes aimed sometimes at your heart. sometimes at your head and very often at your feet and the raging clubber within you.He dropped Louder Than The Bomb on us. we have danced to his fabulous version of Hot In Here. mouthed the words to >Sunglasses at Night<. got up to all sorts of misbehaviour to >You Gonna Want Me< and he delivered a work of beauty with his last album >Sexor<.Now Tiga is giving us a whole new set to enjoy with >Ciao!< – which includes >Shoes< – a hymn to his 3 favourite things. shoes. hair and gloves. Luxury. a tale of opulent consumerism and a 10 minute modern disco extravaganza entitled >Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore< - countered with the club bangers >What you Want< and >Mind Dimension 2< which will send you spinning into orbit. With collaborations from the likes of Soulwax. Jesper Dahlback. Gonzales. Jori Hulkonnen. Jake Shears and James Murphy. it’s a riot.Of the writing process Tiga explains. I thought this would primarily entail aging sheet music with teabags. but I quickly learned otherwise. It’s ultimately a matter of trusting yourself. of having the courage to say. These are the times. and these are the rhymes.
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