The New Tower Generation - HORNY GOAT WEED

The New Tower Generation


12" Vinyl UK

Praterei / Praterei004

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Praterei might not be the most prolific of labels, but the quality is always way above the quantity. The fourth release on the Viennese imprint comes from local boys done good The New Tower Generation, with a heady two track offering that fits right in with the labels ethos of focusing on the essence of House. The amusing titled >Horny Goat Weed< is a perm twisting delight, with the grainy string sample remoulded to align with the loose jacking rhythms and rave indebted keys. >Trembolon< finds The New Tower Generation in an altogether mellower mood, building with poise from its sonorous beginnings to a glorious mid point crescendo of rising synth lines.
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