Tagtraeumer - BEYOND LFO

12" Vinyl D
Black Fox Musik / bfm011

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Image of the Record Back Side

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The acronym LFO is normally used for >light fuel oil<. but what Robert Stolt presents with his new release is truly nutritious fuel for the dancefloor. >Beyond LFO< developed a groove like chiseled. massive. overwhelming. heated up and extremely intense. A track that could easily run more and more and leaves you breathless and speechless as soon as the last bass drum is faded away. Two remixes come from the feather of the well-known Pig & Dan guys. A steppin and ever-shifting rhythm is the foundation on which a swinging guitar melody unfolds their poignant effect and transform force into playful clarity. A suitable outdoor summer hit. In their second version. the melodic superstructure is purified rigorously. the residual remain compacted and the driving rhythmic moment dressed in a hypnotic dub garb. The clearly breaks infected track >Monster< is inspired by the aesthetics of american b-movie monster movies from the 50s. Varying. cinematic sound cascades and these wonderful bleeps over all have a direct path into the heads own sound cinema.

support by: Dubfire / Claude van Stroke / Monika Kruse / Paco Osuna / Mihalis Safras / James Zabiela / Andreas Henneberg / M.A.N.D.Y.
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