2x12" Vinyl lp D
Grow Vinyl / grow003

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For the third release of Grow Vinyl we shall explore the mystical realms of Strukturators imagination. bound into a double vinyl album
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GROW003 begins with an emotional poem to the eye, A1 Le Ojo (slow tool mix), an envisaged desire is definite
in the long, and within in which rich, percussion; a strong and constant longing can be felt, emphasised with
sporadic calls to another in a determined expression in honour of the eye. The second track, A2 Smell of clown's
nose, is an eccentric walk down into the spectacular and eccentric. Punchy base converses and traverses
through a mysterious landscape, as the rambunctious protagonist; he did bad things and they stole his nose can
you I mean imagine; continues through a barren and eerie place of transition, he moves with a certain energy,
his path known to himself. Then the B-side of the first record; Florescape, a call to nature! Before the basic
structures of society. Amidst, an intricate magical process is underway a spell is being enacted, evolving and
descending until the moment, where the weather forms on more magical fronts and the intricate patterns now
enchanted proceed full of the trickery found in this mystic place that is Florescape. The second record begins
with C1 Jahya (Wednesday live) featuring the vocals of Brachman; this track releases us, praise be.. a
temporary individual rejoice, and rejoice to all the people around. Together taking us higher in levels of peace as
it progresses. A distinct groove at the centre of the track is a stable with on which it moves forward, we grow in
environment full of captured reflection expressed, bells hold and release, together with tones of natural calm
Then D1 Colorataation, sounds come in throughout the warm day in which energies rush, through the winds
which whistle and crash with good measure, captivating base of will, strong in tone, which underlies the
multitude of percussive elements, of varied timbre, some sharp and abrupt, whilst others of a more natural
disposition, create a collage, from drum experiments in the cool early morning. water drops on iron roof
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