Someone Else
12" Vinyl D
31337 Records / leet0016

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We finally did it: We proudly present to you our very first vinyl by none other than Mr. Sean ONeil aka Someone Else. the mastermind behind Foundsound records! Known for his awesome releases on various labels and for filling dancefloors all over the world. he delivers a cool club track called >Zebra Talk<. Driven by a heavy. minimal beat. this track offers freaky vocal lines. spooky breaks and enough tension to keep the crowd moving. We also provide you with some great remixes: The first one by Miskate is a more deconstructed approach to the original track. featuring loads of percussion and neatly arranged breaks. surrounded by massive reverb. The second remix is by the Argentinian producer Omar Salgado. A groovy new bassline and full of deep variation. this moves the track into a different direction.
31337records is a Berlin and Munich based label run by Stefan Klaas, Philip Steger and Sebastian Guth. The name 31337 otherwise written as ‚eleet‘ (elite) has its origin in the alternative internet alphabet called leetspeak. The label was founded in early 2007 as a platform for international artists to release quality music over the internet and occasionally vinyl. They always try to support new and upcoming artists, as well as established producers. Their focus lies mainly on minimal techno, dub and experimental electronic music. The label strives for a fresh, innovative and timeless sound. The result is a perfect mix between floor filling, subtle minimal techno, and deep, slow experimental tracks. Besides that, the label works in cooperation with, a Russian internet radio. In the Berlin studio, they host many well known producers and DJs to stream live audio and video. In the future own events are planned, aswell as continually feeding the audience with quality music.
(added: 2010-05-12 13:54:03 )

Pheek (Archipel, Contexterrior | Canada)
I love all 3 tracks!

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza, Igloo | Argentina)
Nice trax, nice claps :)

Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb Unit | Germany)
Sean is on top of his game as usual.. ! perfect.. thanks..

Chloé (Rex Club | France)
Excellent rmx by Omar Salgado.

Markojux (Pinksilver Music | Australia)
Omar's Mix is off hooks.. Jacky, hoppy, moody popcorn for those tweeky moments. This sound im back hitting in a big way.. The whole
package I will support.. Support VINYL!! best of luck guys.

Sebastian Roya (Conaisseur Recordings | Spain)
I love Den Remix! nice track!

Kabale und Liebe (Archipel, Multivitamins | Netherlands)
Salgado remix for me..

Paco Osuna (Mindshake | Spain)
Nice one...

Kate Simko (Spectral, Ghostly International | USA)
Nice release.. Miskate‘s remix is my favorite.. will play!

Franco Bianco (Multivitamins, Dilek | Argentina)
Omar Salgado is the one for me, but ALL tracks are HUGE! Thanks for the music.

Anthony Collins (Vakant, Tuning Spork | France)
Original is wicked!

Ana (Harry Klein | Germany)
Miskate rmx rulez! Also Den`s i like!

Cesare vs. Disorder (Dumb Unit, Stock5, Mean | UK)
Nice EP by master Sean. Thanks :)

Tony Rodriguez / Brothers' Vibe (Sushitech | USA)
Good mixes - Miskate remix is my fav!!

Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio | Germany)
Like always Someone Else is doing a great job, he has his fabulous unique sound that fits perfect to the very cool and sympathic label 31337.
Also love the miskate remix! She is so cool.
We need more of her.
Perfect release!
(added: 2010-05-12 13:54:40 )
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