STEREO 7 (2X12 LP + MP3)
STEREO 7 (2X12 LP + MP3)


Scratch Bandits Crew


STEREO 7 (2X12 LP + MP3)

Chinese Man Records

Scratch Bandits Crew is back on track with a new album and new live. Created in 2003 - and touring since then, Scratch Bandits Crews new album goes back to basics through its unique musical signature that is recognized by the musical industry and a faithful public. Scratch Bandits Crew evolutive music follows the hip-hop rules while suggesting a new writing and composing work with various references and technics such as hip hop beats, electro basses, seventies sample or Jazz backup.
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2x12 Inch LP
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Most importantly, Scratch Bandits Crew is very respected by hip-hop purists for his amazing lives. Along with a large and powerfull scenery, Scratch Bandits Crew’s performances combine light creation and a video mapping orchestrated by the two musicians themselves. Although the band has been thought as a global musical project, the band landmark is literally their very unique lives shows.

The idea of this new album was developed during Scratch Bandits Crew last tour in Europe, USA and Asia. This album is inspired of spontaneous creations coming from lives experiences and constant new meetings. Those inspirations come from hip-hop activists in Taiwan to amazing record shops in India.

Back in their studio in Lyon, the 2 musicians of Scratch Bandits Crew managed to turn these spontaneous creations into a real writing musical work. In this new album, Scratch Bandits Crew hip-hop is evolutive, sensitive and supported by new english-speaking MC’s.: Gavlyn / Oh Blimey / Blitz the Ambassador / Cyph4 / Blake Worrell / A State Of Mind (A.S.M) / Taiwan MC / Youthstar/Flowatile.
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