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12" Vinyl lp FR 21.11.18
black vinyl lp with download code included.
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12" Vinyl FR 23.06.17
born in the hammersmith west london. youthstar was into music from a very young age, relocated to france at just 16, and quickly discovered the drum & bass scene in bordeaux. he performed a load of shows around france with his partner at that time, elisa do brasil from 2004 to 2008. then he linked up with the infamous dirtyphonics and toured with them across the world for 3 years. as a true entertainer, youthstar quickly came up in the scene and was nominated 4 years in a row (2012 – 2015) as “best new comer mc” & “best mc” at the “drum & bass arena awards” in london.
he has worked with renowned drum & bass and bass music artists from around the globe including andy c, netsky, nero, borgore, metrik, shimon and the list goes on!
youthstar joined camo & krooked in 2011 for their “cross the line” and “zeitgeist” tours. at the same time, he began to work closely with chinese man. invited for special shows at the beginning, they continued to work more and more closely together and has now become the official rapper/mc of the group.
the vinyl release includes a download code.
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2x12" Vinyl,180g+mp3 FR 29.01.16
deluxes latest album is called stachelight, their emblematic mustache comes to life in light! in order to recreate the energy that defines the band on stage, each track has been recorded live. at first listen, we recognize the deluxian sound in the modern tunes bonhomme (with nneka) or shoes, the albums single. but deluxe has yet to reinvent itself! as confirmed by the songs baby thats you (with m) and eize your day, with new sonorities, radically pop, or a lheure ou (with iam), the first encounter with french rap ever released by the band! we also discover a great symphonic moment as we enter my world styles and featurings profuse of great quality, this second album stands on solid grounds! stachelight marks the come-back of the most mustachioed band of france!
Chinese Man Records
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12" Vinyl FR 15.07.13
while awaiting the upcoming album scheduled for september, a first maxi with the sweet title daniel will have you watering at the mouth! deluxe wants you to discover, starting on the 13th of may 2013, the first three titles from the album and, as a bonus, a remix by chinese man of one of these songs... a family remix symbolizing the vitality of the chinese man records label!
daniel, once again, the name of the first supercharged song of the disc, is a wild ride on which mc youthstar joins the group for a track that exudes the energy of live performances and the madness of the groups last tour! in bleed on we find the incredible funky feeling that delighted fans with deluxes first ep, catchy melodies, 70s brass sounds and a sense of groove that has become unstoppable. reflecting the promised diversity of the album, the last excerpt of the maxi, pretty flaws, surprises the listener with its melancholic atmosphere and emotional charge that emerge as a symbol of the groups desire to continue experimenting with sounds and styles.
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2x12" Vinyl lp FR 03.02.17
shikantaza is a term used in the buddhist school soto zen and it literally means “nothing but (shikan) precisely (da) sitting (za).” it describes the adopted attitude during zazen meditation.
five years after their album racing with the sun, chinese man is back with a new opus, shikantaza. composed between marseilles, bombay and their secret refuge in the french countryside, the 16 tracks of this new album bring you back to the roots of the chinese man identity. with this new album, chinese man creates a link between its musical origins and its new aspirations.
shikantaza is an invitation to let go, to capture the moment… it is a personal path to enlightenment.
double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download code included.
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 13.10.16
for this new record taiwan mc rivals the best and draws on his singular creativity by making use of innovative vocals, instrumentals and fresh collaborations. already surrounded by many great artists since heavy this year, taiwan mc once again stressed on the quality and diversity of his featurings: thanks to the strong bonding established during several tours, the south-african rapper tumiand the most frenchy of all english mcs, youthstar, responded to the invitation without hesitating. adding to the list arecyph4, miscellaneous (chill bump), dj nix’on, dj idem and, of course, chinese man.
the double vinyl release comes in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Chinese Man Records
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp FR 20.11.15
it was inevitable: since their first collaboration in 2012 for the making of the track ta bom, the mc and the trio were constantly having their paths crossed, either in studio or on stages. it was then, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the label in the beautiful reunion island, and around a glass of rum and a cigar that the decision was made: the journey will be release in october 2015 and the trip is about to start, for its production, the three chinese disciples will draw from the darkest record bins: banjo method, 30’s music, flutes from the andes the goal rather is simple: step out from the usual territory used by the sample addicts and get as far away as possible from the hip-hop to then come back with new perspectives. five of the titles were produced by chinese mab and one by leyan and tomapam.
comes on translucent, orange coloured double vinyl, housed in gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Chinese Man Records
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STEREO 7 (2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl lp FR 09.07.15
scratch bandits crew is back on track with a new album and new live. created in 2003 - and touring since then, scratch bandits crews new album goes back to basics through its unique musical signature that is recognized by the musical industry and a faithful public. scratch bandits crew evolutive music follows the hip-hop rules while suggesting a new writing and composing work with various references and technics such as hip hop beats, electro basses, seventies sample or jazz backup.
the double vinyl lp includes a download code.
Chinese Man Records
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12" Vinyl D 10.04.15
one year & a half after releasing *heavy this year*, taiwan mc is back with a second ep: diskodub! spending studio time in between shows with chinese man records for the labels 10th anniversary, taiwan mc puts on this new solo project, a mix of digital reggae sprinkled with 80s funk, retrofuturistic dancehall and psychedelic dub. the vinyl ep includes a download code.
Chinese Man Records
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12" Vinyl UK 09.04.15
neue ep von chinese man, die aus zwei exklusiven tracks von chinese man (sho-bro und the reminder) und einem haufen remixes von französischen und internationalen produzenten besteht. auf sho-bro werden die drei west-coast rapper a-plus, knobody und pep love vom hieroglyphics kollektiv gefeatured. high tone, al tarba, chill bump und die produzenten smokey joe und the kid sind mit ihren remixes beteiligt!
Chinese Man Records
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3x12" Vinyl FR 06.06.14
chinese man records celebrate its 10 years anniversary and release a new volume of the groove sessions. featuring tumi, la yegros, johnny osbourne, lush one among others…
Chinese Man Records
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12" Vinyl FR 15.07.13
polishing peanuts is deluxe first ep on chinese man records label. the band gained with the ep high exposure on big french tv and radios, even before its release!
the 6-track ep invites you to discover deluxe s energy and eclecticism that compose its musical world. craftily mixing hip-hop with soul, funk or jazz… the five mustachioed accompanied by their singer liliboy, with a smooth but explosive voice, exploit an unexpected ground in-between live performance and electronic compositions.
Chinese Man Records
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