Sascha Funke - IFA

Sascha Funke
12" Vinyl D
Turbo Recordings / TURBO186

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Berlins Sascha Funke weighs in with a hard-hitting new four-tracker for Tigas label. Hot off his comeback on Multi Culti. this latest EP for Turbo Recordings takes the hypnotic. progressive vibe and drives it a little bit harder. leaning into every snare with precise power. carefully administering tension over the duration of professionally-paced arrangements. Title-track IFA. already a weapon in the crates of Funke-friends like Rebolledo. Michael Mayer and Tiga. sounds like the kind of peak-time party power youd expect those dudes to pull out in the darker hours of their deepest sets. when the soundtrack calls for more than basic. visceral limb-pumping. but full disorientation. actual mind-losing.Robur rolls out of that space with minimalistic-tribalism. sounding like a mental apocalyptic march. pushing forward with intractable force. an energy which eventually relents on MZ. opening up dramatically with an epic chord progression that blooms into ecstatic. piano-house. Think old-school baby. revisited with bittersweet self-awareness. taking us back to a place we know well. inspiring one last dance. accessing the naive rave-spirit all-too often forgotten in the industry. Finally. Barkas recalls the tones and timbres from In Relationen. reflecting an emotionally placid state. a sound of radiant clarity. the sound of an artist at peace with his place in the cosmos. balancing past and future. energy and stillness. mind and body.
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