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Intacto / Intac025

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If there is one thing you really need to do in 2010 - it s get I REALLY! ..the bridge were techno and house meets in a perfect symbiosis! Loved and played out by Luciano. 2000 and One. D julz. Adam Beyer. Karotte amongst many other!
For Intacto’s 25th release we welcome Amsterdam based Sandrien, now one of the biggest rising stars in the Dutch dance scene. As well as enchanting crowds across Europe with her freaky blend of minimal techno and deep sounds, she’s busy producing for solo projects as well as masterminding sounds as one half of Amsterdam Assholes. It looks like her future is going to be brilliant, just like these two techno tunes:

If there is one thing you really need to do in 2010 – it’s get I REALLY
Not only is there a kick ass bassline generated from one guy’s percussive vocals, but layered over the groove is part of an endearing personal vocal story taken from “1000 things I really need to do” by Canadian born artist and poet, Kelly Mark. It’s sure to resonate across every sound system as well as every clubber’s heart and mind next year. You really need to have this!

On the flip you’ll find I LOST YOU BABY with a feast of shimmering white noise bolstered by hard hitting percussion and melodic vocal snippets to create a marathon track of dance-induced pleasure
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