Ryan Davis & Pan/Tone
Areal / Areal 69

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side

Betsy just stood there with her mouth wide open. Those two guys where fencing each other up and down the stairway. They took 20 steps. back to back. then they turned around. smoothly from the hip. firing magazines at each other. Then 10 steps and then 5. both where still standing. They beat each other to a pulp until the blood came out and then until no blood came out and still none of them hit the ground. Betsy did not dare to move. even when the duelists finally went away in opposite directions she still stood there like a curtain rod. She cautiously moved her eyes to the left. cautiously meved her eyes to the right. everything seemed to be safe. Then there was this flicker of light in Betsys Sunglasses. They came back.
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