Rodriguez Jr
12" Vinyl D
Mobilee / Mobilee109

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Image of the Record Back Side

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The A-side Tears It Up With Hartwood. Rodriguez Jr.s Biggest Hit To Date. With A Series Of Alternating And Repetitive Keyboard Strokes And Soulful Lyrics Bouncing On A Thick Velvet Cushion Of Rich Background Base. This Number Is Guaranteed To Appeal To The Industrys Most Respected Players. Already Landing On The Hard Drives Of Pete Tong. Laurent Garnier And Simian Mobile Disco Hartwood Has Gained A Bit Of Airtime As Loyal Listeners Burn For The Final Release Date.
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The B-side features Anja Schneider with a full out female power vocal number ironically titled, “Henry & Lars”. This track takes form from a very cuddly story that took place at BPM Festival in Mexico as Anja’s little guy and a stuffed animal named “Lars” found love and friendship in a little girl and her stuffed-animal she called “Henry”. And so the story went on… The two outstanding tracks leading up the 7th mobilee back to back compilation on April 5th is just the tip of the iceberg! Look out for another digital release „mobilee back to back part 2“ before the back to back hits online stores and shelve.
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