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Souvenir present their 42nd release from one a young producer who is very dear to our hearts. Marius Maier. better known as Re.You
Fresh from his recent bootleg successes - his edit of that girl with the inescapable lips, Lana Del Rey, has racked up almost 78 thousand plays on Soundcloud and counting - Re.You ups the tempo for this pair of fresh productions for his home label. The A1 brings an old-school flavour, a drumset mail-ordered straight from Chicago builds the framework for a bouncing bassline to drive the track along, whilst a number of well-timed vocal snippets interplay off each other. An echoing soul chorus bellows out from within the depths of the track, and there’s even a bit of runway attitude with a divaesque vocal promising us that she’ll “try to make it as brief as possible", this obviously doing nothing of the sort for the track’s building tension. The flipside features the vocal talents of another young Souvenir favourite, Daniel Wilde, who sang on Tiefschwarz’s last album ‘Chocolate’. The drums beckon us in with more of a tribal feeling on ‘Falling’ whilst Wilde’s distorted voice speaks softly into the inner ear, disconcertingly the world. The title itself speaks of the track’s nervy equilibrium, the vocals and hypnotic beat doing little to aid one’s balance. There’s a pair of lively remixes supplied, Highgrade stalwart Phillip Bader increasing the dancefloor hysteria by picking out the carnivalesque after-hours feel, kicking up the instrumentation and weirding out the bassline. Another recent Souvenir artist supplies the final remix, Avatism eases things down a bit, highlighting the drums, the vocal becoming a softly-spoken refrain repeating in the background while some ethereal glockenspiel picks out the melody in the forefront.
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