Renaissance Man
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Turbo / turbocd032

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This duo of Finnish architects launched their career in 2008 with Spraycan on Switchs Dubsided. They soon found eager champions in the tastemakers at Kitsune. Sound Pellegrino. and the blogtelligensia over at Fluokids. By 2010. they were legitimate players. having remixed WhoMade- Who. Delphic. Crystal Fighters. Brodinski. Crookers. Health. and. most recently. Azari & III. A more refined. structural sound emerged on the Babbadabba EP on Made to Play. And the larger scope of their commitment to intelligent design comes to fruition on their upcoming album on Turbo. erecting a post-tropical hermitage of Dancing Man’s Thoughtfunk. The music is highly detailoriented. referencing everything from bass music to curry house. with eyes and ears trained on millennia of art and concept. with a special emphasis on the millennia when music actually existed.
The first single, „When You Do What You Do“ is a „Who‘s What You Who“ of blazing Critiical House. Renaissance Man. Designing the box. Building the box. Thinking on top of the box. The artist - grown up in the Finnish music scene Renaissance Man and relocated to Berlin, the two architects Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala are enrooted in a creative circle for music, architecture, fashion, literature, art and (historical) science The album - stunning debut-album by Turbo labelhead Tiga‘s latest discovery - merges modern and sophisticated electronic music with fascinating sound-experiments - features Tuomas Toivonen (Acid Kings, Giant Robot), Helsinki Bass Machine and K-X-P - artwork designed by hipsters Abake (Kitsune, Sexymachinery)
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