Reinier Zonneveld
cd D
Stil Vor Talent / SVT178CD

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Channeling the energy echoing off dancefloors along his path. Reinier Zonneveld has been on a steady slope rolling out dance igniting productions while touring an intricate live set. Megacity Servant. the artist’s third studio effort. stands as a coherent 16-piece techno outfit tinged with experimental tones while playfully deconstructing classic acid and disco fragments.
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Coming from a classical music background, Reinier’s style of production ranges from cavernous powertracks to more concise trips subdued with melancholic piano-stemmed soundscapes, rounding up to a signature sound that is evident as it is enveloping. Plastic People, our intro to Reinier’s collective body of work, swiftly introduces a raw techno dungeon mood. Varying elements make for a surrealist atmosphere. Whispered vocals give a soft edge, while the contrast between the upbeat melody and grave stems reiterate its dreamlike character. Following up in the same timbre, a heavy-hitting percussion sets off 8 Ball. The moving bassline is revealed as centerpiece, while faint vocals antagonize the rhythm. Techno mainstay vocalist Cari Golden makes a notable appearance on Things We Might Have Said. Having previously teamed up with sonorous names like Pan Pot, Fur Coat & Coyu, Golden’s stellar vocals and skillful lyrics shine paired with Zonneveld’s production prowess. The production-vox chemistry is instant, as the track mesmerizes from the get go. Seizing attention for the full length of the track, the entire arrangement seduces the listener, making for a clamorous earworm. Upholding the remote connection between titles and melody c
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