12" Vinyl D

Slash / Slash008

Front View : Pherox - DMF-9 ELECTRIC - Slash / Slash008
Back View : Pherox - DMF-9 ELECTRIC - Slash / Slash008

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Limited 99 cent deal - last copies left !! be fast !! We are proud to present the next thrilling release by co-owner PHEROX on Slash! Tims second EP named DMF-9-Electric is a mixture of deep soulful and floor shaking electronic music. We call it the gentle side of techno, no wonder that one of the hottest artists in this scene JOHN DALY delivers a cracking Remix to this 4-Track EP. Lets start with the first track Road Days which is dominated by deep rolling basses and floating voices creating a hi-tech energy peak time track. Once you get the sudden effect of it, its gonna reveal the true freak in you, give it a try! The other title on the A-Side called Rude Vox is a dark dream of liberty and a long voyage into the night. Its clothed in moonlight and restless in wanting where the voices of children paired with strings, a ghost precedes us, a shadow follows us - each time we stop – we fall. The B-side starts with John Daly s Rework on the track Shelter. The Remix is a dark miracle of shiny blackness which has his own magic, while the sun sinks low, an H-Bomb in reverse. John takes the key parts from the Original track and raises them into a new context. Techno-Soul in its purest form. We, for one, are in ecstasy enthralled. Can we convince you to smile? The whole EP ends up with the original one from Pherox. The circular beat of Shelter with its loaded flashy effects will heat up any dance floor for sure. Boys and girls, Its getting hot in here so take off all your.. or just keep doing whatever you want!

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