Petter B
12" Vinyl SE
Bond / Bond001

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The Label Bond Is The Brainchild Of Swedish Techno Dj And Producer Petter B. The Concept Of The Label Is Music By Djs For Djs. The Label Focuses On Releasing Tracks That Enable The Dj Rather Than The Producer To Be Creative. It Is Based On That Special Bond Which Is Created Every Time A Dj Combines Tracks. Loops And Sounds Live Into Something New And Unique.
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This first release is a three-track EP made by Petter B himself. The first track is The Transistor Rhythm. It is an atonal banger with a firing backbeat made for big rooms. With dark percussions and heavy bottom this track is a destroyer. On the flip there is Drummer I that is an atonal 606/808/909 beat that could be mixed with anything needing a bit of forward momentum. The track goes up and down in intensity, perfectly crafted for the dance floor. Jacker is a romantic chord-driven track with enough atmospheric noise and dust to form a new universe. The whole release reeks of distortion, abandoned warehouses and sweaty clothes.
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