Petter B
12" Vinyl NL
Bond / BOND006

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The 6th Release On Bond Celebrates Its Makers Return To The Wheel. It Consists Of Three Tracks Made By Petter B And Is Part Of A Series Called Roots. The A-side. Roots Pt I. Is As Ballistic Track That Got A Simple Yet Addictive Stab As A Hook. It Sound Could Best Be Described As That T-shirt You Went Clubbing In For 24h And That You Should Wash Thoroughly Before Ever Wearing Again. That Dirty. On The Flip Side You Got Drummer Iii Which. Like Its Predecessors. Is A Simple Yet Effective Tool Track. Last But Not Least You Got Shut Your Eyes. Follow The Titles Advice And Leap Of Into Infinity And Beyond With This 303/707 Minimalistic Soundscape Voyage. A Perfect End To A Great Night.

The label Bond is the brainchild of Swedish techno DJ and producer Petter B. The concept of the label is 'music by DJs for DJs'. The label focuses on releasing tracks that enable the DJ, rather than the producer, to be creative. It is based on that special bond which is created every time a DJ combines tracks, loops and sounds live into something new and unique.
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