Petter B
12" Vinyl NL
Bond / BOND009

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“Ode To Eskapism” is dedicated to all of those that use techno as a way in to escapism. To those that use techno as a mental diversion from the perceived unpleasant. boring. arduous. scary. or banal aspects of daily life. Those that cannot subsist on the scanty satisfaction they can extort from reality alone. Those that feel the need to dissociate from reality in order to experience it. To all of those that emerges recreated. stronger and full of life after a weekend escape into techno. The label Bond is the brainchild of Swedish techno DJ and producer Petter B. The concept of the label is “music by DJs for DJs”. The label focuses on releasing tracks that enable the DJ. rather than the producer. to be creative. It is based on that special bond which is created every time a DJ combines tracks. loops and sounds live into something new and unique.
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