Petter B
12" Vinyl SE
Bond / Bond003

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The label Bond is the brainchild of Swedish techno DJ and producer Petter B. The concept of the label is music by DJs for DJs. The label focuses on releasing tracks that enable the DJ. rather than the producer. to be creative. It is based on that special bond which is created every time a DJ combines tracks. loops and sounds live into something new and unique.
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This third release is a three-track EP made by Petter B himself. On the A-side there is the track Belgian Green witch is an exercise in percussion, rhythmic delays and peak time energy. On the flip there is the track 'Vacuus void'. It is a track made to create that feeling of vacuum in the soundscape. It has long rises and predictable drops, always ending up with only the essentials of the groove left. Tool02 is also built around a repetitive pattern of rises and drops. An atonal banger that is perfect to create mixpoints on the fly with. It also has a forward momentum that can be applied to any track that lacks one. Part of the release has already been played and supported by Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull. Big thanks for your continuous support!
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