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The first two solo albums by Peter Tosh on Columbia Records were cornerstones of the roots-rock-reggae movement: >Legalize It< (1976) and >Equal Rights< (1977). Thirty-five years have passed since the release of >Legalize It< . Toshs first album as a solo artist after more than a decade in the Wailers with Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston. Music on Vinyl brings it back with remastered audio on 180 grams audiophile vinyl. including 6 bonus Dub tracksand 2 insert sheets.

During that time, the Marley-Tosh signature began to achieve a worldwide notoriety that would have seriously rivaled the likes of Lennon-McCartney and Jagger-Richards, if the original Wailers had been able to stay together past 1975.

Both 'Legalize It' and 'Equal Rights (MOVLP341)' will be commemorated with the release of Expanded Vinyl Editions.
Each double LP package will contain fully remastered audio and Dub versions that were previously available on very limited edition Jamaican dub plates.
Both releases will include 2 detailed inserts.
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