Perthil & Aerts - REWORKS

Perthil & Aerts
cd D
NDH Records / ndhreccd003

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More than one hundred Gigs in the past five years. for example at festivals like SonneMondSterne. Nature One and Summer Spirit and at clubs like Tresor. M-Bia & Schönwetter Berlin. Butanclub Wuppertal or BKI Hamburg PertHil & Aerts have left their explicit trace. Remixes from or for musicians like Gabriel Ananda. Axel Bartsch and Douglas Greed or DJ Emerson. Dan Drastic and Frank Müller (Beroshima) proof their production skills. released on various national and international labels like capsula. by Sasha Carassi and ready2rock. by Nihil Young - both based in italy. In 2012 PertHil & Aerts lauched their own label named authentic pew with releases by Jonas Kopp. Markus Suckut. Kevin Gorman. Oliver Dodd. Gareth Wild and Dax J - and of course: PertHil & Aerts
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