Per Hammar
12" Vinyl D
Dirty Hands / DH001

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Since I started to produce music in the mid 00s. I undoubtedly bought the idea of puzzling my productions into nice labels like a Tetris game.
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his “survival of the fittest” thinking has under the years resulted in a whole bunch of works that I made a strong connection to, but that no one else never got the chance to do, ending up in an empty folder. There are so many times that I just feel to open up my heart and brain and let people that I have a connection to take part of it, and this is the closest that I can get. The sounds that I like: the warmth, the dust, the ugly, the distorted, broken and worm has been privileged for certain kind of music. Music that I love, but that I maybe not always can play when I got the chance. Those two ideas combined gave me the idea to set up a little imprint. I’m gonna name it Dirty Hands. What that mean is up to you. What it sounds like is also up to you, and that’s why I wrote this instead of thoroughly describing the tracks.
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