Pan-Pot - CELLS



12" Vinyl D

Second State Audio / SNDST001

Front View : Pan-Pot - CELLS - Second State Audio / SNDST001
Back View : Pan-Pot - CELLS - Second State Audio / SNDST001

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Nach ihrer letzten EP auf mobilee im Oktober 2013 erscheint Pan-Pots neue 2 Track EP auf ihrem eigenen Label Second State Audio. Cells und Third Eye sind die ersten Beweise dafuer, dass das Duo nach 10 Jahren ein neues Kapitel ihrer musikalischen Reise aufgeschlagen hat. Waehrend Cells sich auf die Synthline konzentriert, die beide gepackt hat, und die im Laufe des Tracks ihre ganze Dynamik und Volumen entfaltet, wurde Third Eye aus der Idee einer konstant nach vorne schraubenden, hypnotischen Bassline geboren, deren Hypnotik sich in den Kopf des Zuhoerers bohrt und ihn suechtig macht

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Pan-Pot are back, this time with the Cells EP on their newly formed label,
Second State. The new label sees Pan-Pot taking full creative control as
they move into the second phase of their career, and both Cells and Third
Eye are keen indicators that the pair are starting a new chapter of their
sonic journey.

The title track Cells was built around the synthline after it caught
Pan-Pot right from the beginning. Similar to a cell starting in its
simplest form and expanding, the track builds into a peak of full dynamic
and volume and is packed with a variety of frequencies.

Third Eye was born out of Pan-Pot’s urge to create a track with a
driving, hypnotic bassline. As a result, Third Eye makes its way into your
head as listeners instantly get hooked on the bassline, but it’s not
until the arp changes that things really start getting weird and fun.

Second State is a new platform Pan-Pot will now call home, acting as a
label through which they can release tracks, host events, showcase fashion
and present visual ideas to Techno fans the world over. Pan-Pot will use
Second State to guide their peers, fans and followers through their world.
Much more than just a label, Second State is a second home that will allow
Tassilo and Thomas to realize their creative ideas and connect with people
who share a similar vision to their new state of mind and thinking.

Adding to their momentum as DJs and producers, Second State is a sign that
Pan-Pot are moving into a new chapter, and will see the already
well-established duo having full creative control of this second phase. [txt from ]
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