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Its been nearly four years since Osunlade has graced us with an original full length house album. His next release and self-proclaimed last house release is nearing the gate. Pyrography is an evolution incorporating the signature Yoruba soul sound. bridging organic and electronic. Braced with more vocal songs than any of Osunlades previous house offerings. he has created an innovative endeavour. Tracks including Idiocyncracy. the infectious Envision. and the Yoruba chant of Ser Al Santisimo showcase the wonderful palette of the musical diversity encompassed here. In addition to the album itself. Osunlade has teamed up with the amazing talent of pyrography artist Scott Marr to create an original art experience harking back to the days when these two art forms were one and showcasing the synergy between them. The result is a very special selection of >Fire Paintings< created for each track making up the artwork for Pyrography.
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