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Warm Up

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1. the dirt
2. instant widespread of the dirt
3. introducing errors
4. disinformation
5. to convince for the untruth
6. intentionally false
7. inaccurated information##false statements
8. black propaganda

Its Just A Year Since The Release Of Grey Fades To Green, And We Are Now Talking About Oscar Muleros New Album: Black Propaganda.

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9 brand new tracks that reflect a new twist in his sound, going deep into dark territories; a black and white approach to dance electronics, where shades and echoes and drones are mixed with obscure rhythm treatments that go from slow tempos to more uplifting beats. Sonically speaking, his sound has become simpler, with less elements but better sound design. Less is more. All tracks have a common feeling, like a soundtrack for a sad European landscape: mental, industrial, repetitive and definitely non-melodic. Do not expect any of the rich harmonies of the previous album, because this one is more about the texture and the feeling. The dirt is a sweeping intro with digital noises, atmospheres, subbass drones and a seminal hi hat movement at the end.Instant widespread of the dirt starts the motion: slow BPM range, reverberated beats, and a liquid feeling. As the arrangement goes on, rhythmical elements are added which increase the tension, while drones come back and forth.Introducing errors follows perfectly from the previous track. Its drums are more diverse, yet they keep the liquid tones but with more harshness; again, different types of drones and sound details are spread on top of the beat, creating an hypnotic feeling.Disinformation leaves tranquillity aside. The kick is fat, broken into the pattern, hats become sharp, drones go high, and percussive synth sounds shuffle all over the track.Convince for the untruth is a proper techno workout: concrete kicks, flanged synth lines, tons of reverb, discipline and repetition. Drones are again part of the screen, appearing from the break and moving and mutating till the end comes.Intentionally false goes bleepy with sinoidal bass and high synth sequences. 808 high hats and a clear approach, now drones are out. Let\'s explore the metallic.Inaccurate information is a Sci Fi influenced work with crazy bell-like sequences, basic drum work and classic 909 workout for a spacey feeling.False statements keeps the spirit of the album: dark, grey, but hard and funky. A few sonic ingredients, a solid beat, a clever arrangement... And let yourself go.Black propaganda acts as an outro, as the first track; digital landscapes, drones, space effects and abstract noise.
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