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Thesongsays / Song03

Front View : Ninca Leece - FEED ME RAINBOWS / PUBLIC LOVER REMIX - Thesongsays / Song03
Back View : Ninca Leece - FEED ME RAINBOWS / PUBLIC LOVER REMIX - Thesongsays / Song03

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Amazing hypnotic Tech Tracks

Ninca leece is new to thesongsays, but not new to the scene. a trained musician, a jogger, and damn good cook, she’s been toiling for years in studios and on small computers far and wide. with an album already under her belt on bureau b (a sub-label of tapete records), she brings her forward-thinking productions to thesongsays … and romantic techno moves forward. feed me rainbows is the result of ninca’s fairy tale-like productions. and by “fairy tale,” we mean there’s a story behind it: hidden in the claps, in the wall of sound, the soft kicks and bubbling bass lines, there’s something delicate and magical moving through it constantly, something not easily pin-ponted. perhaps the answers are in those whispers stretching throughout? or maybe it’s when the clouds of noise part, when the abstract melodies subside midway and we are left with the bare bones of the track - a single guitar plucking harmonics, underpinned by a strangely disharmonic whine. by the track’s end, and like all good cliff-hangers, we are left with a sensation that something else is going to happen. our happiness wasn’t in vain but more of an investment in what’s to come. we feel there is a sequel … and we hope there’s even more after that. feed me rainbows two? on the b side, public lover (ninca leece and bruno pronsato) take this fairy tale to a more sultry and conclusive level: turning the beauty into something naughty, a one-night stand if you will. and what better way than a huge bass line, rhodes, and the couple singing in her native french, “donne-moi des arcs-en-ciel?” as a whole, public lover seems to be grabbing minute pieces here and there from the original, teasing you for an entire 16 minutes of vocal snippets, rhodes, bubbles, ninca blowing her nose, and wobbly guitars. it’s ladies night in their story, and we feel it’s a sure-fire after-hour cut exclusively for only the dingiest parties … we hope you agree.

Feedback: “
Vincent Lemieux
There's my boy. Feed me rainbows: best title i've seen in ages. But where's the Unicorn? Hope it's coming soon. Good job buddy, great release.

Dario Zenker
super sweet record,the original has a great vibe.the rmx is nice too.

Ryan Crosson
Both tracks interesting. Can't wait to try them out!!!!

Cesar Merveille
Brillant! Love them both, thanks!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
nice EP. coool long mix

Troy Pierce

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
feelin' the PUBLIC LOVER Remix!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Very Nice : close your eyes and TRAVEL !!!
Great Stuff on original & remix.

amazing songs. Love them. Will play the Public Lover remix. What a jam! 5/5

Really loving the Public Lover remix. Really sweet progression and interesting changes. digging.

Tim Green
awesome release! liking the original the most I think. Remix also really great. Will be supporting this lots! cheers
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