Make You Dance / mydcd004

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He is one of the hardcore scenes biggest icons for almost twenty years. After five albums. Neophyte returned to his favorite chamber to produce his first album in more than five years. A unique album: for the first time in hardcore history. an album will be released in two different parts. On Monday January 16th. Neophyte will present the first chapter of Rechtoe Rechtaan s successor: Mainiak . Jeroen Streundings formation dropped its first EP in 1993 on Rotterdam Records: They released tons of tracks on the legendary label. Next to these activities. Neophyte came up with several aliases like Bodylotion. Hard Creation and Masters of Ceremony to produce on Terror Traxx and Forze Records. In 1999 Neophyte founded his own label Neophyte Records. which is considered to be one of the leading labels in hardcore for more than twelve years. Neophyte developed himself as one of the best producers of the hardcore scene and helped new artists like Evil Activities and Tha Playah to get to the top of the hardcore Olympus as well. Mainiak proves why Neophyte is hailed as a true leader of the hardcore scene. The first chapter of the album is packed with an arsenal of brand new material: besides a lot of solo tracks. Neophyte has also collaborated with a selection of other artists such as Neophyte Records colleagues Tha Playah & The Viper. Mainiak s tracks have been edited for the album to keep it flowing in the best way for the listeners pleasure. The DJ s and his diehard fans won t have to mourn: the album s tracks will also be available for download in full length.
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