12" Vinyl D
Retrometro / RM021

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Its been a while since weve heard a jam as bruising as Nonsense. Titles in techno often dont tell you much. and wed go as far as to say this badboy is really more no-nonsense.
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Titles in techno often don’t tell you much, and we’d go as far as to say this badboy is really more no-nonsense. This one will blow the stack, with cavernous kicks, down-the-line 909 claps and hats, and good old fashioned warehouse bells. Decision is a jackin factory floor jam. Spitting percussion that’s reverbed to the roof, combines with a one-note synth and pacy high-end work for a full-on strobe light track. Myk Derill goes DIY on his re-work of Nonsense, bringing more detailed rhythm work and creating a dynamic jam that ebbs and flows, constantly moving in and out of focus. Polishing off this belting release is Imprinted - an atmospheric sci-fi rhythm reminiscent of Convexion or even Monolake - a very nice little surprise on an otherwise heads-down release. Limited to 300 copies.
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