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Still Living In Slavery Is Mr Raoul Ks Third Album. It Is. However. The First One That Will Be Released On His Own Label Baobab Music. He Thought For Quite Some Time About To Shift The African Instruments And African Rhythm Structures That Uses In His Production Processs Into A More Dominant. More Exposed Position. Giving Them A Role Of There Own And Freeing Them From Being Bound To A Groove Coined By A Four-to-the-floor Kickdrum. While Using Dominating Drumsounds When Producing Records Aimed For The Dancefloor Seemed Reasonible. They Werent Needed For The Storytelling Concept Throughout This Album And Are Left To The Accompanying Remixes.
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As usual, Mr Raoul K works together with artists heading from Africa. Here, Hamed Sosso, Sona Diabate, Batakali A.K. Tenekdash and Adama Conde present their skills. His friend Kuniyuki Takashi demonstrates his talent to play the flute and provides some piano too. This album deals with aspects of inner and outer slavery. It is known that people - wether knowingly or not - often get into habits that start to limit their possibilities and narrow their view. Slavery is no longer people put in chains by others, but people put in chains by themselves. But only one group of the enchained will admit to their chain. Mr Raoul K’s other concern is to share traditional African grooves and sounds with an audience that hasn’t experienced this kind of music before. He presents an authentic surrounding that proivdes the listener with the chance to fall in love
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