Matheu 646 - TROUBLE IN MIND

Matheu 646



i m in love... / ill_ltd001

Front View : Matheu 646 - TROUBLE IN MIND - i m in love... / ill_ltd001
Back View : Matheu 646 - TROUBLE IN MIND - i m in love... / ill_ltd001

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Next up on I m in Love is the launch of their new serie IIL Limited with the intention to provide a platform dedicated to release music with a greater focus on analogue, raw-sounding house & techno apart of the labels main work with a limitation to 50 vinyls only. The two track EP comes from Buenos Aires based artist Matheu 646 who is an essential part of the argentian techno/house scene for more than ten years now. Besides constantly playing various clubs around South America, be it solo or as one part of the DJ duo Proyecto House, he is the co-founder of Buenos Aires Sound Culture, a music collective organising one of the cities best underground parties! The A-Side comes with a heavy kick, a changing 303 bassline and hypnotic chords which gives us a good example of Matheu 646s approach to the deeper side of techno. *Grey Winds* is an old-school sounding jam with deep chords and melancholic strings, finished by energetic, classic claps!

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