Marco Faraone & Luca Agnelli
Desolat X / Desolatx022

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Despite their tender age. Italian producers Marco Faraone & Luca Agnelli have released on some of the most established labels including Get Physical. Cecille. Dirtybird and Moon Harbour.
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This X sees the young duo continue their rise to the top with an impressive debut on Desolat which showcases their considerable production talents. Title track ‘Jambo’ kick off the EP at a strong pace with a deep bouncing bass-line, crisp percussion and a hypnotic distorted looped vocal makes for a thrilling and trippy track. ‘La Feria’ is another driving track aimed at the peaktime dancefloor. The track is characterised by strong drums and a distant radio-like sample which is prominent until the track drops back into its distinctive rhythm. ‘Hold It Like That’ is a perhaps the most delicate offering on the EP. The track develops at a gentler pace, with an infectious looped vocal sitting and shimmering hazy-melody sitting upon crisp drums.’Last Call’ which rounds off the EP, is once again a powerful track, with subtle-builds, aimed firmly at moving a packed dancefloor. Overall then on the ‘X EP’ Marco Faraone & Luca Agnelli justify why they are two of the most promising producers around by delivering an accomplished debut EP.
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