Marco Bailey - NYCTOPHILIA

Marco Bailey
12" Vinyl BE

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Dark Applies To Ultimate Freedom And What Better Can Support Freedom Than Techno? Marco Bailey Knows That And He Strikes Back On His Mbr Limited Imprint With His New Production Nyctophilia. Coming Up With A Remix By The One And Only Emmanuel.
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Nyctophilia is considered to be the love of darkness. Most people find pure relaxation and comfort in the darkness as they feel more free than ever. Free of acting, doing, saying, feeling, being. Dark applies to ultimate freedom and what better can support freedom than techno? Marco Bailey knows that and he strikes back on his MBR Limited imprint with his new production ''Nyctophilia'', coming up with a remix by the one and only Emmanuel. It's beautiful deep in the night, especially when we have good music by our side. Because, without the darkness, how could we see the light?
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