Mara Lakour. Seamus. Dub Striker. Ortell
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AND IMPORTED RECORDINGS WAS BORN… Following 3 years of Parisian parties. featuring 20 of the worlds finest DJs from right across Europe and the U.S. the Imported crew finally gave birth to its baby. Imported Recordings.
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Building on the promotion of foreign artists in France, Imported have come full circle, now concentrating on showcasing locally grown French talent all over the world. This first record introduces four French artists that they feel are artists to follow. The record opens with Mara Lakour’s “Rough Crew", a 5-minute fresh and racy deep-house track, unveiling the first rays of summer. After the hit “Tribute To GU” on their first 12″ ‘Roots For Bloom’, the pair continue to reveal innovative techniques to deliver fresh and experimental sounds. Seamus, a resourceful and inspired co-founder of the project, has finally returned to conclude the A side with “Sunshine", a progressive and muscled track referencing the American and European scene. “Sunshine” has a rich and textured sound, heavy with the chords and vocals that are so dear to the Parisian producer. Two friends, born and raised in the south of France create Dub Striker, whose sole aim is to devastate the floor with the powerful bass and infectious beat in “Walking Dude” which, within a few seconds, sets the tone for the B side. In true connoisseurs, the two friends born and raised in the south of France sign with this track oriented dancefloor an anthem of rare efficiency. Finally, Ortella leaves his mark on the EP with “Trouble Maker". A powerful and thoughtful track, “Trouble Maker", demonstrates the Lyonnais’ expertise as master alchemist, conjuring up and delivering a dose of raw musical power in those darkest hours closest to dawn.
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