Lvis Mejia - AFORMA

Lvis Mejia
12" Vinyl D

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The album attains a unique harmony while drawing from a myriad of beliefs and practices. Syncretism appears not only in the name but in the artwork and the music itself. The independent tonal passages draw on aspects of varied genres while creating a remarkably coherent yet homogeneous work. Lvis Mejía explores in his second album. topics of the Christian religion and the history of man. Deftly placed style and tempo contrasts express the various antagonisms found in this discourse. With the use of contemporary music in combination with hints of jazz. Mejía designs spherical soundscapes. therefore allowing for musical deformations. hence the title AformA. The result is an experience that evokes abstract musical impressions. A reference to Christianity is also embedded in the track order as the first piece Patefactio opens the musical event much like a Christian mass. The travel proceeds through the lurking clerical chants of Aeternus-The Final Trial. whilst the bells are then calling us to mass with the track In Dissonata Apocalypse and continuing with the ontological concept of belief in In Ghost We Trust. Everything comes full circle with the history of Homo Errata as a conglomerate of human errors. This final piece serves also as a link to the second part of the album Anthropology of Amnesia a musical description of repression and forgetting as a condition of life. which has emerged as a theme of human existence since the beginning of recorded history. With this opening piece artist and musician Lvis Mejía has created a magical musical experience. leaving us eager for its sequel.
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